Inspiring the Next Generation of Commercial Spaceflight Leaders

The Fellowship is absolutely essential for anyone interested in a career in commercial spaceflight.
— Josh Etkind, MIFP Class of 2018
Dream internships, out-of-this-world mentors, one-of-a-kind group of like-minded students, and tours of the coolest companies.
— Daniel Dyck, MIFP Class of 2018
The friendships and connections I’ve made through the program are also entirely unique and I feel very fortunate to be able to begin my career in the space industry feeling empowered by such an amazing set of peers and mentors.
— Ian Vorbach, MIFP Class of 2018
My experience in the program was beyond any of my wildest dreams. The opportunity to meet and talk with industry titans, especially so soon in our respective careers, was an experience I will never forget. The network I now have with the other Fellows is incredible.
— Sydney Dolan, MIFP Class of 2018
I feel like this single program has provided me more connections, more insight into the industry, and a greater clarity of purpose than the past four years of my self-guided space industry journey combined. This program truly made me believe that I am capable of making a tangible difference in the world and this industry that I love.
— Yash Chandramouli, MIFP Class of 2018


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