The Matthew Isakowitz Fellowship Program connects exceptional current college juniors, seniors, and graduate students with paid, summer internships in the exciting field of commercial spaceflight, as well as with notable aerospace leaders for mentorship. The summer culminates in a memorable, two-day networking summit.

Upon completing the summer internship, the Fellows remain among an elite group of alumni who have the opportunity to continue to network with this program, their Fellow peers, assigned mentors, and future Fellows, on the path to becoming future space icons.



The Matthew Isakowitz Fellows receive a paid summer internship, typically lasting 10-12 weeks, at one of the leading commercial spaceflight companies in our “host company” pool. Fellows are matched to a position that may include assignments in engineering designs, market studies, strategic planning, policy evaluation, and business analysis and development.

Prior to the beginning of the internship, each Fellow is paired with an experienced and notable space industry leader for mentorship to make the best use of their time during the Program, in addition to receiving advice for their academic and future professional careers. These mentors include engineers, entrepreneurs, investors, company executives, astronauts, and many more who have contributed to the success of the space industry.

The summer culminates in a summit that brings together the current class of Matthew Isakowitz Fellows in a memorable and celebratory event in one location (typically Los Angeles). This summit allows the Fellows to network with one another, while also getting behind-the-scenes tours of companies and learning more about the latest developments in commercial spaceflight from top innovators in the field.


The Program was created in memory of Matthew Isakowitz (1987–2017)—an engineer, entrepreneur, and extraordinary individual whose passion for commercial space exploration led to great strides in the industry and inspired all who knew him. The Program seeks to instill that same enthusiasm into the next generation of commercial spaceflight leaders by providing impactful career training to those who embody Matthew's drive for exploring our universe to help better humankind.


The Matthew Isakowitz Fellowship Program is led by members of Matthew's family and volunteer coordinators. We are partnered with the Commercial Spaceflight Federation, whose over 70 members represent the top organizations in commercial space activities, and the Future Space Leaders Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit encouraging the career development of young space and satellite industry professionals.

The Program is patterned closely on the prestigious Brooke Owens Fellowship Program. Inspired by the great success of the Brooke Owens program, and with the full support of its founders, we have created a complementary fellowship that uses much the same model to select and train future leaders, but which expands the eligibility requirements to include both men and women and to focus on graduate students. We encourage you to learn more about the Brooke Owens Fellowship Program at brookeowensfellowship.org.


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